Jay Steel Corporation is a well-respected supplier for Nickel 200 Fittings. Our company manufacture and export these fittings. We also expert in the manufacturing of Nickel 200 Fittings. The international clients are also interested in our products. We provide our fittings in other countries even at the most affordable price. All process of manufacturing are checked under the strict vigilance of our company expert.

Nickel Alloy 200 is the sturdy and unalloyed metal. Nickel Alloy 200 is made using maximum nickel and a small amount of manganese, silicon, carbon and copper. By hot rolled processing, this alloy is transformed without any efforts into any shape. This alloy shows good performance in cold forming and machining. These Nickel alloy 200 also receive welding, brazing and connecting processes. Nickel 200 fittings have physical properties like thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.