Jay Steel Corporation is one of the most effective suppliers and manufacturers of Titanium Gr.2 Fasteners. We manufacture fasteners Using Titanium with grade 2. This alloy is recyclable. In our company, fasteners are available in a variety of combinations as per client requirements. Our company has highly skilled and well-qualified employees who work toward fulfill the customer requirements. It has a longer lifespan, so it will not be changeable in a very small time. Our company develops and tests the products using various Indian and international standards.

Titanium Grade 2 is a pure grade that contains titanium. Titanium grade 2 is costly than other grades. Titanium fasteners are used to terminate the connection. Our fasteners are threaded and not threaded. Titanium grade 2 fasteners have tensile strength means fasteners are not broken under any pressure. This Titanium Gr. 2 alloy is a good mixture of ductility and strength. This alloy has good toughness and is readily weldable. For oxidizing and reducing environments, our fasteners are resistant. These fasteners have good formability. Titanium Gr.2 alloy is easily available and has good properties. Due to these properties, this alloy is mostly used in many applications