Our company, Jay Steel Corporation, are offering very good quality Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners. We deal with clients as a manufacturer, trader, distributor, as well as supplier of Fasteners. We manufacture these Fasteners in large amounts because it is a famous product in the market and the highest order. We provide Fasteners to the customer in different specifications, shapes, standards, sizes, dimensions and face types. We use premium quality raw materials to produce Fasteners. We follow the testing process strictly, so we produce a damage-free product.

Titanium Grade 5 contains chromium and nickel. This content offers resistance to carburization and resistance to oxidation. The heating process does not harden this alloy. To supply high-quality Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners, it is important to use only the purest quality raw materials. Our Fasteners have some characteristics like good mechanical strength, long service life, high hardness and rugged construction. Our company provides fasteners that show resistance to rust. It holds high temperature and pressure. Some key features of our Fasteners are fine surface, accuracy in dimensions, durability, and long-lastingness.