Jay Steel Corporation company is a certified manufacturer, supplier and dealer of the Titanium Gr.7 Fasteners. Our fasteners have demanded not only in national but also in the international market. All our products are strictly tested by various methods under the supervision of our company experts. For manufacturing of Titanium Gr.7 Fasteners, our company prefers only the highest quality raw materials. We are a large size manufacturer of these fasteners. We provide our products to many industries worldwide.

Titanium Gr.7 fasteners contain oxygen, palladium, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and titanium. The corrosion resistance of the alloy is increased due to the palladium presence. Titanium increases resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Our Titanium Gr.7 fasteners have physical properties like density, modulus of elasticity, modulus of rigidity and coefficient of expansion. These fasteners show thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. Titanium Gr.7 has excellent welding and fabrications properties. Another side it has excellent resistance to all corrosion cracking. Titanium Gr.7 fasteners have good resistance to acids. This alloy is a favorite of the engineers due to it is lightness and strength. Titanium Gr.7 is nonmagnetic. Our fasteners have excellent heat-transfer properties.