Jay Steel Corporation has come a long way in establishing itself today in the metal market. The market is very competitive and needs a company that upgrades its research and development unit timely, and Jay Steel Corporation is one of them. Our unique way of accomplishing our mission and objectives is appreciated and applauded by customers. We completely take responsibility for various challenges at every step, including buying raw material to process it, from wrapping products to shipping them. All these tasks are done under the strict supervision of our expert managers and are carried out seriously.

Nickel 200 Wire mesh are in great demand in the market. They can be seen in toughened form or hardened form. They have very low electrical resistivity. Nickel 200 Wire mesh shows good welding ability and formability. Their tensile strength and yield strength are also very high. They are considered to be commercially pure alloy. Jay Steel Corporation manufactured Nickel 200 Wire mesh are good to work in corrosive environments. Low work hardening rate and good flexibility are their brilliant features.