Jay Steel Corporation is busy producing and supplying high-performance products. Our company’s target is to provide the highest quality material to the customer. Our organization also purpose stainless steel 310 Tube. Our product has high demand in the domestic and international market as their sturdy designs and longer service life. It has a longer lifespan, so it will not rust in a very short time. We supply products manufactured under the supervision of our expert, who check all product’s accuracy.
This stainless steel 310S tube has properties such as its accurate dimensions, sturdy construction, and corrosion resistance properties. The features of stainless steel 310s pipes are reliability, high tensile strength, and durability. It contains carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, chromium, and nickel. In this alloy, high carbon is used to enhance the creep properties. This stainless steel alloy has resistant to oxidation. This alloy is a low grade of steel that protects embrittlement and sensitization. This alloy provides medium strength and hardness at the very low temperature. Stainless steel 310s alloy shows heat resistance, and it has high corrosion resistance properties. We use this alloy due to it is resistant to carburization, oxidation and sulphidation. This grade of steel is mostly used in cryogenic applications for its stiffness and lower magnetic permeability. These alloys are easily welded by standard fabrication methods. It suffers from thermal shock, and this alloy is not used for frequent liquid quenching.