Jay Steel Corporation deals with huge clients and industries and makes them very happy with the product quality and services. Accepting criticism and failures, we have made a long journey in this field. Success, according to us, is not just making money but also lighting up client’s minds. Many industries have just started up and need metals, materials, tools, technical assistance, guidance, help in all aspects, so we jump into such a picture and provide help. No client has ever returned unhappy from us. Grievance and complaints are to date never recorded with us, and we toil hard never to experience it shortly too. Our methods are technically advanced, and machines are upgraded to accelerate production.

Stainless Steel 317 wire mesh can deal with sulfur, pulp liquor, etc. they are highly immune to acid dyestuffs. These wire mesh can fight acetylating and nitrating mixtures. Stainless Steel 317 wire mesh can work well with bleaching solutions and many chemical compounds. The low carbon content of Stainless Steel 317 L wire mesh makes them stand strong against carbide formations. Excessive use can be easily handled by these Stainless Steel wire mesh. Heavy stress keeps them unturned. All conventional hot treatments are possible with these Stainless steel products.