Jay Steel Corporation take advantage to introduce ourselves as the most successful manufacturer of Monel 400 fittings. We are also a stockist, dealer and exporter of these fittings. Our fittings are used in various industries. We are one of the quality fittings suppliers. We are expert in the conversion of basic material to finish product. We provide our products to the third party for inspection as per customer request. We manufacture these fittings by considering customer need and then providing perfect fittings.

Monel 400 fittings are made using copper, nickel, and many other elements. These elements are very important to design unique, durable, and suitable Fittings. Monel 400 has superior resistance towards reducing agents and corrosive environments. Monel 400 Fittings has good resistance to chemical and stress corrosion cracking, which happened in freshwater. The Nickel content, which offers outstanding resistance to hydrochloric acids and hydrofluoric acids. This alloy is also resistant to seawater and steam at high temperature. Our Monel 400 fittings show high flexibility and durability in harsh environments. Our fittings have some features like high tensile strength, good load-bearing capacity and excellent versatility and weldability.