Jay Steel Corporation is a supplier, manufacturer and stockholder of Monel K500 Fittings. Our company only prefer high quality raw materials to manufacture these fittings. We use the latest machinery and techniques to manufacturer these products. Using national and international standards, we produce these products. Customers can buy fittings of their choice from us. We design fittings according to the clients’ requirements. We found fittings in different thicknesses, widths, lengths and diameters at Jay Steel Corporation.

We provide Monel K500 Fittings, which is better than Monel 400. These fittings have some characteristics like high strength and hardness. Increase strength using precipitation hardening. Our fittings are used in various industries to join many pipes. At less than zero temperature, these fittings show excellent mechanical features. This alloy is easily fabric-able. Our fittings offer good corrosion resistance and strength in a range of chemical and marine environments. It has high fatigue strength in the marine environment.