Jay Steel Corporation is functioning under the guidance of an expert who has great experience in the manufacturing field. We are a well-known manufacturer of Monel K500 Flanges. Our center of activity is to produce high quality products. Our company offers world-class company support, guidance and support to choose the best product for their requirements. We provide only high-performance engineering products. We use only high-standard raw materials for the production of the Monel K500 Flanges.

Monel K500 Flanges are provided by us are in custom-made shapes, sizes and specifications as per the requirement of clients. This alloy contains titanium, aluminum, and nickel. Our flanges are well-known due to its strength, and it has resistance to corrosion. Our Monel K500 Flanges show mechanical properties like elongation, hardness, melting point, yield and tensile strength. At cryogenic temperatures, this alloy improved its workability. This alloy is hardened by the cold forming process. This alloy shows excellent corrosion resistance to many naturally occurring and chemical environments. This alloy shows high resistance to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking due to high nickel content. A useful characteristic of this alloy is that it is non-magnetic at low temperatures. This alloy is fabricated without any hard work.