Skytower – A tribute to a great design

Many years ago I was incredibly impressed with the visualizations of KDLAB. As I know now, Joseph Kosinski was behind it, the director of Oblivion and Tron Legacy. Part of his work at KDLAB can be found again in Oblivion. As a reminder and tribute lichtecht played with the Oblivion Skytower. Models of Skytowers can be found on the Internet and they served as the basis for reconstruction. The Bubbleship we bought at Turbosquid, not that someone thinks we created it. 😉 Parallel task to the image creation, was to create a film sequence. This is more than a sequence, but it brings a lot of fun and we hope you like it! Software: 3ds Max, V-Ray from ChaosGroup, Adobe After FX Idea, 3D, animation, editing and postproduction by Florian Piayda & Matthias Arndt.