Ananda House, Abiansemal, Bali, Indonesia

Architects: IBUKU
Area: 260.98 m2
Images: Shaan Hurley
Completed in 2015 in Abiansemal, Bali, Indonesia.
A simple stone gateway marks the entrance to the house. The gateway frames three young block palms surrounded by a corridor of green that cascades down the land. Sunlight pours into this east-facing slope in the morning when there is still a touch of dew on the leaves, and in late afternoon the lost fingers of golden light angle down through the fronds. A stone pathway winds along the contours of this terraced garden. Pathways branch off the main stone path to left and right at intervals along the contours, leading to two delicate multi-level structures, perched like birds that have nestling into the slope. The curving leaf-shape roofs sweep low around the sides, and under them you can see a glimpse of glass which reflects the green of the garden, and white curtains flowing. These are the private bedrooms, and at the front of each is a private balcony pointing east towards the valley.