Plastic House II, Hästevik, Sweden

Architect: Unit Arkitektur AB.
Area: 200.0 m2.
Completed in 2017 in Sweden.
Images by Per Nadén.
West of Gothenburg lies Sweden’s fourth biggest island – Hisingen. Travelling from the centre of Gothenburg towards the western side of Hisingen, you first pass Volvos industrial production units before reaching the coast and the ferry terminal which connects Hisingen to the northern archipelago. Just north of Hjulvik´s ferry terminal, a shift in the landscape occurs – from Hisingens plains (former seafloor) to Bohusläns coastal landscape with its ancient and sweeping outcrops of gneiss and granite. The last kilometre to the site winds and rises before finally you are rewarded with a great view back towards the ferry terminal. This area is called Hästevik. The clients for the Plastic house II are the same as for our first built house ten years before – Plastic house I. They have now bought this real estate, some kilometres from the old house, and wanted to complement the existing summer house with a new single-story house.